September is Animal Pain Awareness month; it can be hard to tell if your animal is in pain when they can’t tell you in words.  They can also be very stoic and not always show us right away if something is wrong.  

The theme “The Most Common Signs of Pain in Your Pet” helps us to understand that while we are different species, we ALL process and feel pain similarly.Read More

To all dog lovers! July has been a big month for our furry friends, including National Lost Pet Prevention Month and National Mutt Day!  

There are so many wonderful mixed breed dogs out there looking for their forever homes.  We should all be aware of how many of our country’s animals end up in shelters as well how to prevent it from happening to our pets at home.Read More

The Spirit of 12’s Isn’t Tame for These Fans After Last Sunday

by Alexandra Lynn

The Seahawks 12th Man has conquered records for the loudest crowd cheers at any sporting event and have registered as seismic activity, but we’ve got something to learn from the portion of the 12th Man that is made up of pets.

Since last Sunday, the city of Seattle has become quiet.… Read More

As a part of our community, we provide a space for local artists to hang their work on a quarterly rotation. Our friends, medical family and community joined us recently for an evening of arts and eats with our newest showcase by Julie Austin Photography and a raffle benefit for Old Dog Haven. Jet City Animal Clinic’s Fall Art Showcase and Open House coincided with Capitol Hill’s monthly art walk held the second Thursday of each month.… Read More

Written by Dr. Erica Anderson. Originally published on the Capitol Hill Times blog

I want a dog, but live in an apartment. What breeds wouldn’t mind the small space?

You can have whatever dog you want! Really, any dog can live in an apartment as long as they are adequately exercised and mentally stimulated. Small dogs require less space to run and play, but their minds need exercise, otherwise you will have an underestimated and, often times, anxious family member on your hands.… Read More

We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website. It has been crafted to allow easy access to what you, as a member of our medical family, need to know, but also builds upon technology capable of addressing future needs.

Immediately you will notice streamlined menus, simple navigation and access to the information you need, any time of day.… Read More