Creating Happier, Fear-Free Veterinary Visits

As veterinarians professionals, we understand that most four-legged family members do not like coming to the vet.

“Here is the scary reality of our profession: Despite our best efforts, 37 percent of dog owners and 58 percent of cat owners say their pets hate going to the veterinarian, according to the 2014 Bayer Veterinary Healthcare Usage Study.

In addition, 26 percent of dog owners and 38 percent of cat owners report that just thinking about going to the vet is stressful.

Most patients, even the silent or seemingly happy ones, experience some level of anxiety, stress or even fear.”

This is something that practices have struggled with since the beginning of veterinary medicine, making it as comfortable and fear free for your pet as possible. We have implemented routines here at Jet City that we have already seen help some patients that have previously not done well at the vet.

We’ve been implementing fear free practices into our team’s culture over the past year. We have a variety of stress-reducing initiatives and use Ceva brand products in our exam rooms and treatment area.

For our feline friends we provide a pheromone called Feliway to help calm them in the room as well as when they are in their carriers or in the lobby. This pheromone is naturally produced when a cat rubs up on objects and helps provide confidence and reduces stress.

For the pups that come in to see us, we have a different product called Adaptil which helps dogs in the same way Feliway helps cats. The pheromone is naturally emitted from the mother to her puppies and creates a sense of security and comfort.

7 benefits of Fear-Free Veterinary Visits

Dr. Marty Becker says that when patients aren’t stressed out, they will:

  1. Have more accurate blood tests.
  2. Have more accurate vital readings (temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate).
  3. Have more accurate physical exams.
  4. Require less sedation.
  5. Have less immune suppression.
  6. Experience less vomiting.
  7. Have less diarrhea.

We want you and your pet family to enjoy your visit, so we’ve created an interesting, comfortable and welcoming environment. The goal is for everyone to be at ease here so you can make the best choices for your pet’s healthcare. We hope to establish a long-term, trusting relationship with you and your whole family (furry ones included). Our goal at Jet City Animal Clinic is to follow Dr. Becker’s mantra: “Take the pet out of petrified.”

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