In Memory

We want to honor and remember those loved ones that have passed on before us. This page is for family to share photos and words about their beloved pets whom they’ve lost.

Nutmeg, February 2004 – January 2016

“We first saw Nutmeg as a puppy at the Humane Society.  We had been looking for a dog to be a companion for our second dog after  our first dog had passed away.  I first noticed Nutmeg because of her outstanding color, which is also the source of her name.  I became enamored of her once I approached her cage because she was quiet and sweet.  That, we were to find out, was the essence of her nature.  Soon we took her home, and she and our other dog became inseparable.  They always walked together, sat next to each other, and slept near each other.
     Nutmeg was soon a favorite of the neighborhood.  Her striking color drew others to her, but her sweet nature is what they loved most.  At first, our neighbors could not get used to her name:  They would ask about “Cinnamon” or “Chestnut”.  The best was when one neighbor saw us one day and asked us, “How is little Paprika?”  Whenever someone new met her in person, they always agreed that “Nutmeg” was such a perfect name for her!
    372174_1254633651As a young dog, Nutmeg loved the off-leash parks.  She would spend hours there, chasing balls thrown from a chuck-it, leaping high in the air.  She loved to play hide-and-seek with us in the tall grass, or run across fields.  Her favorite thing, however, was to swim in the river or lake.  She loved the water, and happily chased floating balls and would swim back with them for as long as we could stand to throw them.

    Eventually, as she got a little older, Nutmeg developed knee problems in her back legs, so after a while, there was no more leaping or swimming.  She still loved to take long walks for miles, and became very exploratory, developing a number of routes around the neighborhood that she enjoyed walking.  We would sometimes take deliberate walks to see chickens in a yard, or some Shetland ponies that were in small corral several blocks from home.  Nutmeg was always friendly toward other animals, and very fascinated by these non-dogs. 

Nutmeg dreaming of Christmas.

Nutmeg dreaming of Christmas.

She would be fascinated in watching them and trying to meet them.  She was a people pleaser, always gentle, gracious, polite, and just an elegant lady.  She was universally acknowledged as a true sweetheart, which is how I always referred to her.  She bore her final sickness with stoic grace.  She always made you feel that your coming home was the best event ever – always so happy to welcome us.  She was a lovely soul, and the only bad thing she ever did was not to live as long as we needed her to.  We miss her every day, but are filled with wonderful memories and gratitude that we were her family for her whole life.”

Sonny, a True Character – Left this Earth December 7, 2015

“Sonny was such a wonderful dog who we loved to walk and get massages. A character in every sense of the word…from his obsession with fallen pears to his snotty nose to his devotion to his mom, April Bartlett. We will miss you tremendously Sonny-man. RIP May you walk the streets of heaven with the same bravado you walked with on earth.”

Celebrating the Life of Leland (2001-2015)

“Leland came into our lives in 2010 when we met him on 24th Avenue East across the street from our old apartment. He was the neighborhood cat that everyone seemed to be feeding, but no one seemed to own. We encountered him many times on the street when he walked our dog. He was so sweet and friendly with us that when we moved to a different neighborhood, we were determined to bring him with us. On November 1st, 2010, we plotted our catnapping and then took him to the vet to get checked out. Since then Leland won a special place in our hearts. His gray and white fur was as soft as a cloud and his bright blue eyes showed how handsome he was despite being an older guy. He loved sitting on the couch, getting pet by Shane but had his moments when he would get feisty and swipe at you. We miss our little guy but know that he had an awesome life with us for the five years we had him.”IMG_1313 


Panda, a calm soul now at peace – July 2015

“We rescued Panda when he was around 10 years old. When we went to the shelter to meet him, we saw all the other dogs actively at their gates trying to get our attention. Panda, however, was fast asleep at the back of his enclosure completely happy and oblivious to any chaos around him. I knew instantly that he was to be our dog!

He was the calmest of dogs and the gentlest of souls. His quiet, sweet, trusting manor endeared him to everyone who met him. He truly was a special dog and just being around him made people happy. We will miss him dearly but were so glad to have almost two years with him and know he’s up there in dog heaven drinking all the water he wants followed by lots of naps.”

Panda 4 Panda & Paul Panda 2

Honoring Stan – July 2015

“Stan was an adoptable dog at Seattle Animal Shelter in 2005 when I was a volunteer dog walker. He was adopted and returned multiple times for being too hard to handle. After him being there for over a month I decided to bring the naughtiest dog at the shelter home. Stan was an excellent escape artist, barked in the car nonstop, liked to hunt birds and critters in the yard, shed like crazy, barked at animals on the tv, and would never come when you called him outside.

Stan was also a loving, protective, loyal friend.  I have always taken care of my dogs, but I always felt like Stan was taking care of me, too. He was the best. He was so gentle and sweet to his people. Stan was about 5 when I adopted him and I was lucky to have him almost 10 years. It’s very quiet here without him, but I like to think he’s causing trouble somewhere else when he’s not watching over us!”


We Remember Mojo – Old Dog Haven – October 2014

“Shortly after we filled out an application to be an ODH (Old Dog Haven) foster home we were give the opportunity to take in Mojo, an old black lab mix that was relinquished at a shelter in Tacoma. He was sweet as can be but, thin, sickly and would not eat needless to say he had lost his mojo. In time and with some love and encouragement he gained weight, developed a beautiful shiny coat, learned to ride in the car with his head out the window, and even enjoyed a squeaky ball.

Once he got his mojo back he would talk to us whenever he was excited about something. He detested other dogs, but gave us everything he had. When asked, he would stay with our children until they fell asleep at night even when he would rather be eating snacks in front of the TV with dad. He always helped clean the floor, prewash the dishes, and keep the crows out of our yard. After 8 months with us he stopped talking and we found he had a nasal tumor.

Mojo is a beautiful dog that found a family that loves and will never forget him.”


Dante Kerber — 11/18/00 – 6/27/14

“Dante was our family’s biggest and gentlest friend. Everyone that met him loved him. We took him with us everywhere we went, and he was always warmly welcomed.

Dante had the biggest heart. He loved our family feline since she was just a kitten, and she loved him back. He always looked out for puppies and small dogs. Dante’s favorite small dog was his brother Denali, who Dante is delighted to be reunited with somewhere over the rainbow bridge.

Dante was the most loyal dog. Neither the distance, nor the roughness of any terrain we hiked could cause him to stay behind. Dante’s place was always with his family. He never strayed, no matter the temptation.

Dante loved to swim and sit in water, to chase his ball at the park, and to go on hikes and walks. He also loved to bark and lunge at squirrels despite knowing he never had a chance in the world of actually catching one. But mostly, he loved to sleep on the couch.

We are so blessed to have had Dante with our family for nearly fourteen years. He was the truest friend and companion, and Dante will be missed greatly.”

Photo credit: Diego Rondon Ichikawa

Kenobi left this world April 14, 2014

p1000561-1398901687“Kenobi and I first met about 18 years ago, when he was a puppy and I was a child, and it was love at first sight.
Throughout our many years together, Kenobi was my best friend, my first true love, and my mentor in life.  He always took care of me and taught me to find strength and joy in all situations.  As our lives changed and progressed, our bond only became stronger.  Kenobi was there when my husband, Nate, and I exchanged vows, he was there when we adopted our kitty, Sabrina, he was there for every major life event, and he was there to lend a fuzzy shoulder whenever I needed support.
Our sweet Kenobi was not just a dog, but a valued and important member of our family.  He will always be with us and he will always be a part of us.  Although we miss him terribly, he will live in our memories and in our hearts forever.
I know that I will continue to love him every day of my life.”

Linus – May 10, 1998 – Feb 8, 2014

img_2020-1392398516 “Linus and his brother Eddie were found as kittens, eyes still closed, abandoned in a warehouse in San Jose, CA. I took them home at 3 months, and they were “my boys” for the next 15+ years. Twins in appearance but completely different in personality, Linus was smaller and also sweet and shy. He liked to sleep under the blankets, drink out of “people” glasses, and curl up in your lap any chance he got. He was always a climber, scaling his cat tree like a monkey rather than jumping like “other” cats. He joins his brother who passed in September, 2013 and hopefully they’re curled up together somewhere just like they used to be so much of the time.”

Sky, little “Bucket”. . .

“When we first saw you we were smitten,
Such a tiny little kitten,
Grey and White with bright blue eyes,
Like the clouds in Seattle skies.
Cherished buddy always near,
In our hearts forever dear,
Waiting for us all one day,
Peace and light for you we pray.”
– Sky left this world January 3, 2014 in the loving hands of his people.

Bean AKA Crime Fighter

“Bean left us September 23, 2013. We adopted Bean from the Oregon Humane Society when she was a baby. We chose the kitty who at the time was named “Crime Fighter”:) because of her playful, spunky and investigative nature. Bean was also our “Queen Bean” because she often received whatever she wanted and could do no wrong. We simply stated that she “ruled the roost”. I am most happy that she spent the last year of her life being able to explore and chase birds on my large patio. She had a great life and will be missed!”

Denali was precious to his family.

All who loved him miss their faithful and loyal friend

Denali left his family May 20, 2013 — “Denali’s large personality required that he have many nicknames – The Nooge, Noodle, Bubbie, Squish, and Little Man – to name a few. He was the most intelligent little circus dog. He would wow a crowd when he performed a round of tricks, always stealing his audience’s hearts. Denali led a truly adventurous life, from summiting mountains, to riding along on bike tours, to going on countless camping trips and hikes, to everyday dog walks. He also lived a very pampered life at home. Always Mister Tough, Denali audibly regulated the comings and goings at home; his quiet welcome would bring our friends a sense of belonging to our family. So convinced of his strength and undeterred by his size, Denali once even chased after a mountain goat. From Deadwood to Denver, Bellingham, Seattle, and the family apple orchard on Lake Chelan, Denali was always happy to roam and explore freely.”

A Trusted Friend and Loving Family Member

IMG_0097 Rico – a respected soul who left us March 8, 2013. “I adopted him when he was just over one year old from the rescue group I volunteered for. He has been my trusted friend and a loving member of our family for 11 years. Our little girl has never known life with out Rico till now. He had a great respect for cats and loved life. He was the best dog I’ve ever had and will be greatly missed.”

Alas, I am enjoying remembering my sweet girl

Asa – a gentle passing February 12, 2013. “My little white and tabby girl. She was a spunky, cowgirl kitty. She delighted in  three day hunting trips, boxing her brothers ears , snuggling under the covers, surreptitiously eating butter and hiding “her” toys. She is sorely missed.”

My sweet angel… JackieO… left this world on Feb 5, 2013

“I called her my angel because she taught me an extraordinary lesson that changed my life forever. I lost Jackie in the National Forest in November 2002 during a visit to my cabin in Eastern WA. She was lost for 30 days in the freezing, snowy forest. I woke up the next morning and decided, “I was NOT going to have this sad story in my life!” Desperate… I hired an animal communicator. Through meditation and telepathic communication, we got her back. The great lesson I learned?? The power of thought is REAL!!!! AND… she validated my fledgling faith of psychic ability and the existence of other planes of consciousness. I am truly blessed our paths crossed.
Thank you Dr Anderson for your sweet and genuine care for us during this difficult time.”