Celebrate your Mutt!

To all dog lovers! July has been a big month for our furry friends, including National Lost Pet Prevention Month and National Mutt Day!  

There are so many wonderful mixed breed dogs out there looking for their forever homes.  We should all be aware of how many of our country’s animals end up in shelters as well how to prevent it from happening to our pets at home. Microchipping and putting properly marked tags on your pet is an easy solution.  We microchip with HomeAgain ISO 15-digit microchips.

“Microchips are designed to last your pet’s entire lifetime. Once enrolled, they link to a permanent record of your owner information – which is important to keep up-to-date so you can be reached when your lost pet is found. Your microchip comes with a personal listing in our lost pet database, and this translates to anytime/anywhere pet recovery services. Virtually all vets and animal shelters across the country are equipped with scanners that can read your pet’s microchip.”

If you ever find a lost pet, bring them by the clinic – we would be more than happy to scan for a chip and help connect them with their people!

More about mutts!  Mixed breeds have a lesser chance of having genetic disorders and congenital diseases and can be just as good of a companion as a purebred dog from a breeder. We encourage you to visit your local shelter if you are looking to adopt a pet.  Here is a picture of my dog Lars who I adopted last year.  He is a 10 year old Corgi/Cocker spaniel from Eastern Washington but you would never know he was that old. Still full of spunk, he has been a great addition to my family and I hope you all can have the same experience.

– Aisha Graham, Veterinary Assistant

Jet City Animal Clinic – Team Member

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