Dante Kerber — 11/18/00 – 6/27/14

“Dante was our family’s biggest and gentlest friend. Everyone that met him loved him. We took him with us everywhere we went, and he was always warmly welcomed.

Dante had the biggest heart. He loved our family feline since she was just a kitten, and she loved him back. He always looked out for puppies and small dogs. Dante’s favorite small dog was his brother Denali, who Dante is delighted to be reunited with somewhere over the rainbow bridge.

Dante was the most loyal dog. Neither the distance, nor the roughness of any terrain we hiked could cause him to stay behind. Dante’s place was always with his family. He never strayed, no matter the temptation.

Dante loved to swim and sit in water, to chase his ball at the park, and to go on hikes and walks. He also loved to bark and lunge at squirrels despite knowing he never had a chance in the world of actually catching one. But mostly, he loved to sleep on the couch.

We are so blessed to have had Dante with our family for nearly fourteen years. He was the truest friend and companion, and Dante will be missed greatly.”

Photo credit: Diego Rondon Ichikawa