Denali was precious to his family.

All who loved him miss their faithful and loyal friend

Denali left his family May 20, 2013 — “Denali’s large personality required that he have many nicknames – The Nooge, Noodle, Bubbie, Squish, and Little Man – to name a few. He was the most intelligent little circus dog. He would wow a crowd when he performed a round of tricks, always stealing his audience’s hearts. Denali led a truly adventurous life, from summiting mountains, to riding along on bike tours, to going on countless camping trips and hikes, to everyday dog walks. He also lived a very pampered life at home. Always Mister Tough, Denali audibly regulated the comings and goings at home; his quiet welcome would bring our friends a sense of belonging to our family. So convinced of his strength and undeterred by his size, Denali once even chased after a mountain goat. From Deadwood to Denver, Bellingham, Seattle, and the family apple orchard on Lake Chelan, Denali was always happy to roam and explore freely.”