Gracie, July 2005 – April 2019


Her given name is Sera Sian which means God’s Gracious Gift.

Favorite activity:  Diving for rocks, fully submerged! 

Favorite place to be:  Next to her 2 leg-mom.

Our Gracie held our hearts from the moment we held our fur-bundle at 10 weeks old until we held her as she became our heavenly angel 13 years later.  Her tenderness and humor made us smile.  Her vocabulary and communication were amazing.  Car rides… oh car rides made any day great and riding elevators was something she ran to catch and ride and smile with great delight.  But, diving for rocks in the lake was her favorite thing to do.  Being next to her 2-leg mom was her special place and her mom’s too.  And being with the entire family was the best.

No greater love exists when 2 souls love and care so preciously and tenderly.  Her kindness and love touched so many of us.  Our family and all her friends hold her close and look to the heavens. 

We are so thankful and grateful for each person at Jet City and especially Dr. Anderson