Honoring Stan – July 2015

“Stan was an adoptable dog at Seattle Animal Shelter in 2005 when I was a volunteer dog walker. He was adopted and returned multiple times for being too hard to handle. After him being there for over a month I decided to bring the naughtiest dog at the shelter home. Stan was an excellent escape artist, barked in the car nonstop, liked to hunt birds and critters in the yard, shed like crazy, barked at animals on the tv, and would never come when you called him outside.

Stan was also a loving, protective, loyal friend.  I have always taken care of my dogs, but I always felt like Stan was taking care of me, too. He was the best. He was so gentle and sweet to his people. Stan was about 5 when I adopted him and I was lucky to have him almost 10 years. It’s very quiet here without him, but I like to think he’s causing trouble somewhere else when he’s not watching over us!”