Kenobi left this world April 14, 2014

p1000561-1398901687“Kenobi and I first met about 18 years ago, when he was a puppy and I was a child, and it was love at first sight.
Throughout our many years together, Kenobi was my best friend, my first true love, and my mentor in life.  He always took care of me and taught me to find strength and joy in all situations.  As our lives changed and progressed, our bond only became stronger.  Kenobi was there when my husband, Nate, and I exchanged vows, he was there when we adopted our kitty, Sabrina, he was there for every major life event, and he was there to lend a fuzzy shoulder whenever I needed support.
Our sweet Kenobi was not just a dog, but a valued and important member of our family.  He will always be with us and he will always be a part of us.  Although we miss him terribly, he will live in our memories and in our hearts forever.
I know that I will continue to love him every day of my life.”