Panda, a calm soul now at peace – July 2015

“We rescued Panda when he was around 10 years old. When we went to the shelter to meet him, we saw all the other dogs actively at their gates trying to get our attention. Panda, however, was fast asleep at the back of his enclosure completely happy and oblivious to any chaos around him. I knew instantly that he was to be our dog!

He was the calmest of dogs and the gentlest of souls. His quiet, sweet, trusting manor endeared him to everyone who met him. He truly was a special dog and just being around him made people happy. We will miss him dearly but were so glad to have almost two years with him and know he’s up there in dog heaven drinking all the water he wants followed by lots of naps.”

Panda 4 Panda & Paul Panda 2