Simone, 12.2016 – 03.22.2018


“Simone came to me as a small, 8 month old kitten, rescued from a couple who didn’t want her anymore, and I instantly fell in love. Although she wandered around my home without a problem, I discovered later she was totally blind. I also discovered she had dysfunctional kidneys, anemia and a heart murmur. But you wouldn’t have known any of that because she was so bright, lively and energetic.

She ferociously ran after her favorite stuffed animals without missing a beat. She noticed everything with her highly sensitive hearing. She loved to sit on the window sill, following birds and cars and people. In my kitchen, she would to crawl up my legs and shirt until she found herself on my shoulders, making herself comfortable while I cleaned dishes.

She loved the sound of running water. She loved to be groomed. She loved sleeping on my chest, unable to snuggle close enough to the crook of my neck. She was curious about everything, but very polite, softly meowing when she needed attention or was hungry, always patiently waiting for her favorite food.

The last month of her life was difficult, her body broke down much too quickly. I comforted her as she took her last breath. The short time I had her felt like she has been with me all my life. I still feel her sweet and kind soul around my home, and her unconditional love will never be forgotten. She was so dearly loved, and she will be missed so, so much.”