Kickin’ Off a Festive Fall: Halloween Pet Parade, National Cat Day and MORE!

Our team at Jet City loves the holiday season and want to share that with you and your four-legged family members!

We had so much fun with everyone that dressed up at this year’s Halloween Pet Parade, thank you to all who came out! We co-sponsored the first annual event with nearly 100 pet costume participants and hundreds more families and friends.  It was a festive celebration of our pets with a number of vendor booths, food trucks and a parade costumes which were awarded prizes by our judges! Jet City had an ‘Ask the Vet’ portion and Old Dog Haven was the benefactor of the event.

Halloween is quickly approaching! We want to continue in the festive spirit and encourage you to stop by for some more pet costume fun! We have variety of costumes for your pet to try on and will be taking photos to share on our Facebook/Instagram @jet_city_animal_clinic pages.

Wrapping up October with in (black) cat fashion, we have National Cat Day! A day to celebrate those sneaky, inquisitive, playful bundles of fur that we love and adore. We know that sometimes they may not get as much attention as some dogs that have an easier time coming to vet and getting treats. We try to make Jet City as fear free as possible for cats by using Feliway, a feline pheromone, and having a separate area in our lobby and an exam room dedicated to them.  Cats are very sensitive to environmental changes and sometimes just getting them in the carrier is like pulling teeth so we are dedicating our afternoon on Oct. 29
th to cats and cats o nly! Please give us a call or email to schedule an appointment for your feline friend!

And don’t forget to stop by this week to vote for our our team’s pumpkin carving skills!  All of Jet City’s team members carved pumpkins that are displayed in the lobby of the clinic. Come check out our spooooooky lobby and cast a vote for your favorite carving!

Happppppy HOWL-oween!!!

If you haven’t picked up your children’s treat-or-treat bags, we have complimentary jack-o-lantern bags for you here! Festive AND useful with safety points for trick-or-treating. STAY SAFE AND HAVE FUN!

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