March is Poison Prevention Month

This month serves as a reminder to all our medical family to watch for both natural and processed pet toxins, especially as we prepare for spring cleaning and as plants start to poke their way through the soil. Toxicities in animals can be scary and fatal if not caught early so we want you to be in the know about what could be harmful for your pet. Some toxic things that may be found around your house include human medication, some human foods, an over dose of veterinary medication, and cleaning products.

If you are unsure if it could potentially poison your pet, keep it out of their reach and if you think your pet ingested something toxic call Jet City Animal Clinic (206.329.0253) immediately. We can help determine the best course for action!

Here is a list of some helpful things to know when calling your vet or the poison control hotline:
– How much was ingested?
– How long ago was it ingested?
– What is the pet’s attitude? How is it feeling/acting?
– Any diarrhea or vomiting?
– Is the pet drooling excessively or trembling?

– Be prepared for an emergency. Keep the Animal Poison Control | (888) 426-4435 | ASPCA contact details stored in your phone.
– Practice safe storage habits. Always store medicines and hazardous substances up, away, and out of sight of children. Keep these substances in their original, child resistant containers.
– Read and follow all labels and directions. Review medicine and product labels before you use them.
– Detect invisible threats. Have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home



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