What breeds of dogs can happily live in an apartment?

Written by Dr. Erica Anderson. Originally published on the Capitol Hill Times blog

I want a dog, but live in an apartment. What breeds wouldn’t mind the small space?

You can have whatever dog you want! Really, any dog can live in an apartment as long as they are adequately exercised and mentally stimulated. Small dogs require less space to run and play, but their minds need exercise, otherwise you will have an underestimated and, often times, anxious family member on your hands. Although small dogs typically require less exercise, they still need lots of games, training, and interaction with their people.

Bigger dogs may be able to cross the apartment in 10 steps, but they can live in that space with ease as long as their exercise needs are met. If you think about canines in the wild, they live and sleep in tiny, compact dens.  Large dogs may need to run, chase and play for longer than small dogs, but are content to come home exhausted and be in a confined space.

Most behavior problems stem from lack of mental stimulation, interaction, training and physical exercise. These problems can happen in enormous houses or in studio apartments. Your level of commitment to exercising and playing with your dog should determine what breed you should get. Take a look online – useful quizzes can be taken to aid in determining what breeds might fit well with your lifestyle.


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