City Paws Pet Salon

City Paws Pet Salon was opened on March 3, 2008 by Margaret Anderson, who was inspired by her three shih-tzus, Pebbles, PJ, and Picabo, to leave the corporate world and pursue work she was passionate about. City Paws was owned and operated by Margaret alone for eight years, until Margaret hired on Alexis Vassilaros, a talented groomer with over 10 years experience. Together, the two of them work at City Paws to create a quick-turnaround, cage-free, low-stress grooming experience for your small and medium-sized dog breeds. If you are looking for a gentle dog grooming experience that will leave your pup feeling pampered and relaxed, City Paws is the place for you! Come visit us, conveniently located on Seattle’s Capitol Hill at 345 15th Ave E., to see for yourself.