Shonna – Preventative Dental Cleaning & Assessment Specialist

Shonna, is a Technician with Animal Dental Care (ADC), that joins our team monthly to perform non-anesthetic dentistry – complete with ultrasonic scaling, polishing and probing under the gum line. ADC provide’s anesthesia-free dental care to dogs and cats through licensed veterinary facilities. Their vision in the animal health care profession is to assist Jet City Animal Clinic in providing our medical family with the best possible oral care for their pets and to help educate pet owners on how good dental care contributes to the overall good health of our pets.

ADC’s proprietary, 7-step professional teeth cleaning is performed without the use of anesthesia which also offers pet owners an alternative, and more affordable, method for cleaning and maintaining their pet’s teeth. The next step in their program includes working with Jet City Animal Clinic to establish a regular cleaning maintenance program which also includes advice on brushing and caring for your pets’ teeth at home.

ADC has been providing anesthesia-free dental care for over 10 years and has established a solid reputation among a network of over 300 veterinarians for their professionalism and gentle, compassionate way with animals. Shonna is a vital part of the Jet City team in providing preventative veterinary care to your furry family members!